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Oil Analysis and Testing

Oil Analysis Management Software

Professional lubricant analysis and diesel fuel filtration solutions, for all condition monitoring and engineering related issues!

Set Up Your Oil Condition Monitoring Programme

Regular oil condition monitoring can account for considerable cost savings by identifying problems before expensive failures occur.

Engine Oil & Diesel Fuel Solutions

A full range of oil analysis and testing methods are available for all kinds of industries and equipment including but not limited to, Mining equipment, Road & Rail transport, Construction equipment and Marine vessels.

OCLS, also provide fuel solutions, tank cleaning, tank repairs & filtration equipment from static units for large tanks, to mobile units for use in the field, plus oil analysis kits and fluid conditioning products for any oil condition monitoring or predictive maintenance solutions.

Why Choose Us?

OCLS are a modern lubricant analysis and diesel fuel testing laboratory, based in South Yorkshire, Doncaster.

We are proud of our independent status and are staffed by experienced technicians, who can be relied upon for unbiased and an informative prognosis of all oils, diesel fuels and lubricants.

The lab operates to both ISO9001:2015 and BS EN ISO14001:2004 standards and meets all manufacturer, warranty / maintenance requirements.

Oil Condition Monitoring Programmes!

Used oil analysis is by far the most cost effective method of condition monitoring your equipment. It will assist with warranty issues and is an essential part of root cause failure analysis.

Closely monitoring your engines with an OCLS programme will provide fast and precise information on your machines condition. A scheduled analysis of engine oils, greases or hydraulic fluids can provide evidence on the level of wear or the detection of defect parts before major downtime and costly failures happen.

“Fly High with Oil Check!”


We here at OCLS are very proud to be able to sponsor the Avro Lancaster NX611 “Just Jane”. Which is currently being restored to airworthiness by the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre.


You can find out more about Just Jane and just how you can help all the amazing work preformed by the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre; by clicking on the link below.

What We Offer

  • Engine oil and fuel analysis
  • Diesel fuel filtration
  • Oil Condition Monitoring Programmes!
  • Diesel fuel testing and lubricant issues?
  • 48 Hour Turnaround

Common Equipment We Test

  • Diesel engine oil analysis
  • Transmissions
  • Gearbox oil testing
  • Final drives
  • Industrial gearboxes analysis
  • Compressors
  • Blowers
  • Fans
  • Electric Motors
  • Pump testing
  • Turbines
  • Chillers
  • Cooling systems
  • Diesel Fuel Systems
  • Greased Bearing
  • Hydraulics testing

Oil Testing Kits

For those experienced in oil analysis, we have a full suite of fuel and oil tests and oil analysis kits for individual needs, large or small.

OCLS give you more than a simple analysis service – you buy into an arrangement that includes consultation and Full support.

Renewable Energy Support

Wind Turbines both on and Offshore.

Offshore support vessels themselves as part of a cost reduction program.

Steam & Gas Turbine Support

As part of the support for GT & ST’s, Varnish potential is monitored using ASTM D7843

OCLS analysis report key

What to expect in our analysis reports

OCLS Oil Analysis software

Rapid & Easy Sample Reports
Flexible Report Formats
Instant Archiving
Free to Trail

Access Your Online Database

Your Fuel and Oil Testing Suite

Thank you so much for this fantastic quick turn around. I greatly appreciate it.

Ray W

Wow…. Thankyou Mike, really exceptional service…. Have a lovely weekend!

Tracey D

Just to let you know how good you are.


Certainly Mike, to send a sample on Saturday and have the results on my desk on Monday is unbeatable.

Brian C

Thank you Mike, we will have no doubt in using your services in the future, thank you for such a good service. Can I assume that a invoice will be sent in the post now? or could you forward me an electronic version? OCLS would be my first choice every time.


I have been using OCLS for 2 ½ years, the service is very professional and friendly, there have been a number of times when I have had rush samples that need testing; OCLS have been there every time.

Chris S

Very Quick – Excellent work. Have forwarded to Chris and Jerry. If there are any alts I will come back to you.


Thank you, as always, for the quick turnaround on the sample.

John R

Fab! Thanks again for that Mike - super efficient 🙂

Jo J

FYI I have just recommended you guys on a surveyors forum as the best in the business!

Phil D

Your service is second to none (even with people off!), I would have waited a lot longer with the big companies we used to use before we found yourselves (and have done in the past).


Thank you for the prompt response and reports. The findings stack up with what we suspected. Raw engine out smoke opacity was at 1.82k as opposed to the 0.8 limit for Euro III engines. My Technician also suspected a leaking intercooler hose, which could also lead a rich mix, and be the result of the DPF blockage.

Stephen W