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Oil Analysis And Testing

Benefits of Oil Condition Monitoring Programmes

Proactive Maintenance – Stay ahead of the game

Our repertoire of assessment techniques allows maintenance to be scheduled to avoid the consequences of failure, effectively identify defects or losses in engine efficiency.

The benefits gained from using our Oil Condition Monitoring programme are numerous and can include:

  • A reliable, cost effective service
  • Expert and informative reporting on engine / gear / hydraulic wear
  • Open access to free consultation and support
  • Reduced overall costs / long term cost benefits
  • Unbiased / Impartial oil analysis
  • Rapid access to reports & detailed historical data when using our user-friendly software
  • Software support available with free upgrades included
  • Provision of detailed monthly reports that assist general maintenance and equipment overhaul planning
  • Access to a first class fluid management service
  • There are usually immediate cost savings on price
  • Support with failure analysis, warranty and historical investigations

N.B: A condition monitoring programme is not truly effective until it has put into place a “Root Cause of Failure” process to continually & reliably identify the failure / problem source(s).

Wear Debris Analysis (WDA) is provided when necessary free of charge. (WDA is a vital tool in failure analysis and warranty issues)

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