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Oil Analysis And Testing

Oil Analysis Software

Oil View: Oil analysis management software

  • A rapid and easy means of receiving and accessing the oil sample reports
  • Flexible report format
  • Instant archiving
The OCLS software uses 5 colours to represent the level of alarm based on the data gathered from the oil analysis. This is designed to give the customer the ability to gauge the severity of the situation at a glance. The colours and their general meaning are shown below.

OCLS software colour key Normal

OCLS software colour key The level of an element has increased in relation to previous results. No action.

OCLS software colour key The level has increased further. Actions may be suggested.

OCLS software colour key Lower alarm level. Oil must be re-sampled and action taken

OCLS software colour key Higher alarm level. Oil must be re-sampled immediately and remedial action taken if the result is repeated.

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